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I object to this project because Metro is obsolescent technology, and the project is a great waste of public money.

Future transport technology will be tube transport. Already Elon Musk and Richard Branson have joined forces to plan super-high-speed "hyperloops" on five continents (See  ). This new technology will quickly make long-distant rail obsolete.

For all Ireland's transport, consisting of local routes, urban ring-routes an inter-city routes, I suggest a low-cost, extremely versatile tube system that could match and exceed the transport objectives of the proposed metrolink at a fraction of the cost, and without any tunneling or public disruption: see  .

As well as efficiently serving a single route such as that of Metrolink, my system could develop into an interconnected network of routes that would deliver travelers to their doorstep (instead of leaving them at a station or hub), with automatic routing and non-stop from start of journey, anywhere on the network, to any destination.

Alas, Metrolink will be obsolete even before completion.

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