Krunchie's Cab for Dublin


Here we show the main or Ring routes of Krunchie’s Cab for Dublin City:

·       An Outer Ring Route, coloured red, which follows the M50 (coloured yellow) most of the way.

·       An Inner Ring Route, a Northern Ring Route, and a Southern Ring Route, also coloured red.

·       Liffey-side Route coloured purple.

A speed of 200 mph would be suitable for these Ring Routes. All the Ring Routes are interconnected. This speed would mean you could unfailingly reach any destination situated on these routes within half an hour. A Ring Route, of course, would deliver you to a local route, which, winding through the city streets, would deliver you to the very door-step of your destination. Speed on local routes would be 30 mph (non-stop). Routing is automatic. No matter what point you start at, you select your destination (From Street Name and Stop Number), and Krunchie’s Cab automatically takes you there.

Sadly, the world has so far neglected this technology. Meanwhile, billions of dollars have already been spent on developing super-fast Tube Travel. Such systems will produce local speeds of 400 mph and international speeds of 4,000 mph. This expenditure and these speeds are unwarranted in respect of local travel, where what you want is convenient transit, without intermediate stops, to your doorstep. Krunchie’s Cab achieves this at very low cost. (Unfortunately the inventor of these super-fast systems focused on speed rather than the convenience of door-to-door transit).

The Cabs (i.e., Capsules) are similar in size to a motor car, without wheels or engine, and travel through a tube of 5 foot in diameter. No expensive “Maglev” technology is needed or warranted. Each Cab, having a magnetic element built in, is propelled by electro-magnet. A speed of 30 mph is conveniently achievable for local, bendy routes, and greater speeds are achievable for straighter, main routes.

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