Route Maps



Every Cab, Circuit, Cab-stop and Shunt-lever/ Junction will have a unique identifying number.

Computing the Route-Map

When a user keys in his destination, the Starting Point and Destination are communicated to the Network Controller (a computer). The Network Controller computes the Route from Starting Point to Destination, and communicates the Route-Map to the Cab. In doing so, it takes account of the projected traffic throughout the Network.

The Route-Map

A Route-Map consists of the identities of the Starting Point and Destination, as well as a list of the identifiers of every Junction where the Cab is to switch from one Tube to another.

Switching Circuits

As a Cab travels on its way, it transmits its own identity and the identity of the next junction on its Route. When it approaches the specified Junction, the message causes the Shunt-lever to switch, thereby redirecting the Cab to its new Circuit or Cab-Stop. After the Cab has passed through, the Shunt-lever automatically resets and the Cab starts transmitting the identity of its next relevant Junction.

Telecoms Model

This algorithm is analogous to that used in Telecoms Systems. The route map is attached to every phone call, email message and text message, and the message transmits this across the Telecoms Network, triggering the receiver whose identity is transmitted to  accept the message. 

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