Route Capacity

Capacity of Local Tube: 500,000 persons per day

If a Capsule, 6 feet in length, travelled through a tube at 30 miles per hour (the speed of our local routes), then the following calculation shows that a single Tube could carry up to 500,000 passengers per day, allowing for a gap of 24 feet between Capsules (true for Routes up to 30 miles long; most local Routes would be shorter, and longer Routes would be faster).

  •  30 mph = 158,400 ft per hr (30 X 5,280)
  • 6 ft capsule + 24 ft gap = 30 ft per capsule
  •  → Max No. of Capsules passing a point per hour:
  • 158,400 ÷ 30 = 5280 per hr
  • Average 2 passengers per capsule → 10,560 persons per hr
  • At least 2 journeys per Route (into and out of town)
  • → Capsule Route capacity ≥ 21,120 passengers per hour
  • =  506,880 per day (21,120 X 24)

Existing Dublin Bus Route: 3,000 passengers per day

According to Irish Minister for Transport, Martin Cullen, speaking in 2005, Bus Routes in Dublin carry an average of 3,000 passengers per day. Replacing a Bus Route by a Tube Route would vastly increase the Capacity and Potential Income of the Route, (while significantly reducing operating cost).

Multiple Routes: savings multiplied

While it would be very advantageous to replace a single bus route by a tube route, the advantages are multiplied a thousand times when multiple routes are inter-connected to effect door-to-door transport. 

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