Saturday, 27 September 2014

Transport 21 Hundred (Krunchie's Cab)

I propose a transport system to replace cars, buses, trains and airplanes, which will provide:
  • ·       Zero carbon emissions;
  • ·       Low-cost, very fast, door-to-door, transport between any two spots on a network of routes, potentially world-wide and extending to all communities no matter how remote;
  • ·       Automatic routing from start to destination without change of vehicle or mode of transport in between;
  • ·       No unwanted stopping between the start-point of a journey and the destination (unlike buses which stop at multiple stops, trains which stop at intermediate stations and plane journeys which terminate at airports);
  • .    No dumping of passengers at Hubs: all are take n to their own doorstep or the doorstep of their desired destination
  • ·       No possibility of accidents or traffic jams;
  • ·       And low-cost, speedy, implementation.

Krunchie's Cab is a form of Tube Transport: Capsules (“cab” for short) travel through tubes. Offline Stopping and Starting means that there are no intermediate stops in any journey, but continuous movement from start to destination. Hold-ups are completely eliminated. Tubes (pipes) are very cheap to lay, compared to roads or tracks and there are no intersecting streams of traffic. 

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