Multi-level Circuit for High Rise Buildings

Krunchie's Cab can be used to deliver travellers to multi-level destinations, as where populations are dispersed through high-rise buildings.

Capsules addressed to a high-rise location depart from the flat Circuit at a Junction that delivers them to a spiral circuit. Rising through the Spiral Circuit, the cabs are propelled, as in any other circuit, by electromagnets.  Descending, electromagnets can be used to slow the capsules, feeding back electricity to the system.  In effect, the down-travelling cabs drive the upward travellers. Cab-stops would be attached to the Spiral Circuit, as to a flat circuit.

The following video shows how marbles, (or capsules), can be delivered smoothly, and variously routed, through complex, multi-level structures:

In this video, the marbles are elevated to the top level by a mechanical  process driven by an electric motor, and from there are propelled by gravity. 

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