How Krunchie's Cab beats Motor Cars


·       No driving skill needed.

·       No exhausting driving: users can relax completely while travelling.

·       No capital investment, driving licence, insurance fee, or service cost.

·       No danger of crashing.

·       No parking problems.

·      No hold-ups.

·       No wrong turns or running out of fuel.

·       Reliable delivery to one’s destination: all the user must do is show travel card (or credit card or mobile phone) to the system and select his destination from Country/ City (Region)/ Street/ Stop Number.

·       Less expense: tube travel is cheaper than motor travel.

·       Motor Cars are obsolescent, due to increasing world population and resulting traffic congestion. Construction of roads can’t keep up with increasing demand for travel. Tube is the travel of the future.

·       At any given time, 95% of the world’s motor cars are parked and idle. At all times, 95% of Krunchie's Cabs are in transit or actively waiting.

·       In Krunchie's Cab system, there are no hold-ups, no parking problems, no exhausting driving, no accidents, and the destination is reached much faster.

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