Goods Delivery

 Every customer wishes to have a Cab-Stop outside his own door. It would be technically no problem to have a Goods Delivery Point there as well, adjacent to the Cab-Stop.

While passengers are delivered to a Cab-Stop, goods would be delivered to the Goods-Stop.

Remember, you won't be taking your motor-car with you when you are going shopping. When you have loaded your shopping trolley, you will wheel it to the shop's Goods-Stop and dispatch it to your home destination using your Card.

While a typical Passenger Cab would be designed to accommodate up to four passengers and their hand luggage, a typical Goods-Cab would be designed to accommodate a supermarket trolley.

When you return home, your Card would give you access to your goods. You would wheel your trolley home, unpack your trolley, return it to the Goods-Stop and dispatch it back to the store.

Of course, your goods might be a single parcel not requiring a trolley.

Click and Collect will mean "Collect from your own local Goods-Stop."

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