Network Schema

Local Routes feed into to Ring Routes, which feed into to Inter-City Routes, which feed into to Trans-National Routes, which feed into to  Trans-Continental Routes. (Diagram shows 3 levels, but there would be at least 5 levels in a world-wide system).

A local journey is achieved on a single local route. The user enters the system at a Cab-Stop. His Cab accelerates from Zero to about 30 mph in about 2 seconds and enters the Local Route at that speed.

If travelling to a more remote destination, his Cab is automatically routed up through the Network of Routes.  His Cab accelerates to  about double the local speed as it progresses to a Ring Route, and accelerates again on each further route upgrade. As he approaches his destination, his Cab progresses back down through the grades, decelerating on each downgrade until he reaches his destination at a Cab-Stop attached to a local route.

The diagram shows all  routes as oval in shape. They can, however, be any shape, but must be circuits. Local Routes are likely to be bendy in shape, as they curl in around local destinations. The faster the route, the straighter the curve will be.

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