Magnetic Propulsion

The method of propulsion is not a vital aspect of Krunchie's Cab. The steam engine was not vital to the railway system, and was replaced by diesel and electric engines.  I favour, however, magnetic propulsion.

Electromagnets, located at intervals throughout the tubes, would be activated by a pulse of electricity to propel Capsules through the tube. Magnets would also be employed to slow Capsules when required.

Simple Magnetic Propulsion is demonstrated in the following YouTube Video:

Improved performance magnetic propulsion: 

In Krunchie's Cab system:

  • Electromagnets are located at multiple intervals throughout every tube;
  • The device that triggers an electromagnet is normally a speed-sensor. When this sensor notices that the speed of a passing capsule is lower than the circuit speed, it triggers its associated electromagnet to accelerate the capsule.
  • At a cab-stop, the electromagnet that starts the capsule moving is activated when the user indicates he is ready to begin his journey.
  • In an Accelerator Tube, electromagnets will accelerate the passing capsule to the speed specified for the circuit it is about to enter.
  • In a Decelerator Tube, the electromagnets will decelerate the capsule to bring down to the speed of the circuit it is approaching, or to bring it to a stop at a cab-stop.
  • On a down-slope in a route, where capsules are accelerated by gravity, electromagnets can be triggered to reduce the speed of capsules to the circuit speed.

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