Liffey-side Tube Transport

Krunchie's Cab for the Liffey-side:

Click on picture for larger view.

A transport tube could be anchored to the quayside wall.

Picture shows one tube on each side. There could be a double-tube on each side. Each single tube would have a capacity of 500,000 passengers per day.

Access could be by Cab-stops situated on Boardwalks or through openings in the quay wall.

Dublin Port to Leixlip in 24 minutes (reduced to 8 minutes when a second element, an Urban Ring Route, is added)..

How many stops on the way? zero. (Your cab will only stop at its destination and not at any in-between. This is because all Cab-Stops are offline and don't hinder cabs in transit).

How many Cab-Stops in all? As many as you like. Conveniently, there could be one every hundred yards.

Construction would involve nothing but the placing of pipes and Cab-Stops and anchoring them. No digging up of roads or other obstruction.

Cost is little more than the provision of pipes, capsules and Cab-Stops. A Cab-Stop is little more than a double-pipe. A capsule is a plastic container, with seats and a metal element to enable magnetic propulsion.

Cabs would be available 24/ 7.

No hold-ups whatsoever.

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