How Krunchie's Cab beats Trams and Metro

·       Tubes are easily laid compared to rail systems.
·       Tubes can go where train tracks can't: up hills and down dales, on hard or soft land, raised on stilts over roads, railways, houses or other obstructions and under the sea.
·       A cab-stop can soon be provided near everybody's front door.
·       There is only one cab needed to take you to any destination.
·       No need to plan your journey: routing is automatic.
·       No schedule to meet: travel at your choice of time.
·       Not affected by strikes.
·       No bus or taxi journey is needed to reach your cab "station." The stop is outside your door!
·       Less construction work;
·       Routes are more flexible;
·       New routes can be added continuously and existing routes expanded.
·       Faster expansion of the route system;
·       Cheaper vehicles;
·       Greater route capacity;
·       Greater speed; no intermediate stops;
·       Greater gradient tolerance (i.e., ability to go up and down hills);
·       More privacy and comfort;

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