Connecting Rural and Remote Communities

Rural and remote communities might not provide sufficient traffic to make a local route profitable. However, members of such communities would benefit by being connected to the network: it would provide them with the same access to facilities and worldwide destinations enjoyed by urban folk. The solution is to allow such communities to connect to the network on payment of a fee to cover the connection cost, just as new users pay a fee for connection to the electricity network.

For a once-off capital investment of about the cost of a motor-car, connection could be achieved, after which all the benefits of the network would be available. Unlike the investment in a motor-car, which must be renewed every few years, this connection fee would be once off and provide permanent access to all destinations, national and international.

 The image shows a bendy route, winding its way through a rural community, connected to a rural ring-route. (The ring-route or inter-city route is shown as wider for the purpose of illustration only).

 No residence, no matter how remote, needs to be excluded from the system. Country towns would benefit enormously, since access would no longer be limited by availability of transport.

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