Tube Travel

In Krunchie’s system, people and goods travel through tubes in vehicles called Capsules (“Cab” for short).

Capsule Size and Tube Diameter

A regular capsule is similar in size to a motor car minus engine and wheels: approx. 4 foot wide by 6 foot long, comfortably seating 4 adults and their luggage. Tube diameter is a little more than the Capsule-diameter. The cab fits snugly in the tube and glides through the tube with almost zero friction.

Door to Door Transit

 Enter a Capsule at any street in any town in any country and exit at your choice of street in the same or any other town or country.

Automatic Routing

Key in your destination, (by selecting country/ town/ street/ stop), and the system delivers you straight to that destination, without any change of vehicle at any intermediate point.


Motion is continuous from starting point to destination. There is no stopping at intermediate points (except for the passenger’s convenience).

Off-line Starting and Stopping

All stopping and starting is off-line. As a result, the stopping and starting of one capsule does not hold up other capsules in transit.

24/ 7 service

There are no schedules or time-tables. A capsule can be engaged at any time of day or night.

A Network of Routes

Routes are inter-connected to form a Network, and Capsules are routed through the Network.

No Intersections, Traffic Jams or Accidents

Where routes cross, there is no intersection: one tube simply passes over the other. Capsules in one route can’t obstruct capsules in others. There are no traffic jams or collisions, and no pedestrian collisions are possible.

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