Advantages of Krunchie's Cab

·       Door-to-door transport;
·       No need for users to plan routes or switch vehicles or modes of transport;
·       No stopping and starting en route;
·       No driver needed;
·       Schedule-free: constant availability around the clock;
·       All destinations accessible;
·       No traffic jams;
·       Reliable calculation of travel time;
·       Potential world-wide connectivity;
·       Accident free;
·       No traffic violations – reduced workload of courts;
·       Low cost of construction and operation;
·       Few engineering problems compared to road construction;
·       Flexibility of implementation compared to rail;
·       Rapid implementation by using existing road and rail routes;
·       Eliminates or reduces the need for new roads and railways;
·       Reaches all communities no matter how remote; revives rural communities;
·       Re-unites communities divided by motorways or railroads;
·       Sustainable, self-generating energy usage;
·       No carbon emissions;
·       Redresses global warming by reducing energy consumption and reliance on fossil-fuel;
·       Virtually silent operation with magnetic propulsion;
·       Quiet streets – eliminates or substantially reduces motor traffic;
·       Returns roads to pedestrian use;
·       No danger to wild life, cyclists or pedestrians;
·       Significant wealth released back from roads to human well-being.

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