A Trip to Howth

I mention in another page that a childhood ten-minute trip on the  Howth Tram took all day, because of the travelling time going to and coming from Howth on public transport.

I repeated the journey today.

Howth remains as the poet described it a thousand years ago:

Cnoc lánmhar, longmhar, líonmhar;
Beann fhíonmhar, fhonnmhar, ádhmhar.

Hill  fullsome, boat-full, plentiful;
Ben wine-full, tune-full, fun-full.

By today's public transport i.e., DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transport) and Bus, it took an hour and a half to get to Howth and another hour and a half to get home.

This travelling time would be reduced by at least half if a Krunchie's Cab network (a much cheaper form of transport) were in place.

Shortest current road distance: 10 miles.
Allow a circuitous route: 20 miles.
Travelling time at 30 mph (speed of local route): 20/30 hours = 2/3 hours = 40 minutes.
Since this distance would involve a Ring Route as well as local bendy routes, the time taken would be shorter than this.
Travelling time at 100 mph (speed of Ring Route): 20/100 = 1/5 hour = 12 minutes.
Actual travelling time: between 12 minutes and 40 minutes, i.e., c. 30 minutes.
With Krunchie's Cab, you would access the system near your home, tap your credit card and select your destination from a list, and be whisked to your destination without any stop in between. (Since all stopping and starting is off-line, the stopping and starting of other capsules do not hold up yours).

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