Vital Concepts

  • Route-units are circuits (not necessarily circular or regular-shape).
  • Within a Circuit, cabs are in continuous motion at a (more-or-less) constant speed.
  • Stopping and Starting are off-line, (so that a stopping cab does not hold up others).
  • Circuits are connected by Connectors, Accelerators and Decelerators. Accelerators are tubes in which a cab's speed is accelerated. Decelerators are tubes in which cabs are slowed. Connectors maintain the speed.
  • There are Circuits of different speeds. Local Circuits have speeds of c. 30 m.p.h. Ring Routes would have double that speed,  inter-city routes double that again, up to super-fast trans-continental Circuits.
  • Every cab, circuit, shunt-lever and cab-stop has a unique identifying number.
  • A route-map is a list of the starting point, destination, and all shunt-levers where a cab is to change circuit.
  • Tubes can be placed anywhere: on soft or hard ground, under water or raised on stilts and over roof-tops.

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