Cab-Stop Capacity, Dispatch and Requisition

One objective of Krunchie's Cab is that there would normally be a Capsule waiting for a user at every Cab-Stop.

A Circuit would be provided with a little more than One Capsule per Cab-Stop.

The average Cab-Stop would, perhaps, have capacity to hold three Cabs. Such a Cab-Stop would operate the following Rules:
  1. When the number of Cabs at a Cab-Stop is more than One, the Cab-Stop will Dispatch a Cab to the Circuit.
  2. When the number of Cabs at a Cab-Stop is less than One, the Cab-Stop will Requisition a Cab from the Circuit.
If, following these Rules, a particular Cab-Stop is found to be too busy, i.e., unable  to cater for the demand upon it, either:
  • It would be replaced by a Cab-Stop of greater Capacity, or, preferably,
  • An extra Cab-Stop would be provided nearby.
When a Circuit falls short of its allocation of Cabs, it would requisition extra Cabs from the Network, and, when it has more than its allocation, it would dispatch idle cabs to the Network.

These Rules are likely to ensure that every part of a Network has an ample number of Cabs; that there will normally be a cab waiting for a user at every Cab-Stop, and, if not, that a Cab will arrive at the Stop very shortly after the user. When the system is in operation, the Rules can be reviewed, and improved where found wanting.

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